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José “Pepe” Martínez Jr. was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. When he was six years old, his father, Pepe Martínez Sr., joined Mariachi Vargas, and their family moved to Mexico City. At age seven, he enrolled in the Escuela de Iniciación Artística, where he learned piano and the fundamentals of music. Upon graduation, he continued his studies at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música and the Sindicato Único de Trabajadores de la Música.

At age 15, the newly formed Mariachi Juvenil Tecalitlán invited Pepe to join their group as a violinist, an instrument he had never played before. He promptly immersed himself in the study the violin, and from there went on to Mariachi Juvenil de México. In 1991, he joined Mariachi de América de Jesús Rodríguez de Híjar. Since 1993, he has been a member of Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán. His violin teachers were Salvador Torres and Antonio Ceballos, both accomplished violinists who were at one time Mariachi Vargas members, and he has had many vocal instructors.

Pepe Jr. received his initiation into arranging by working as a music copyist and analyzing the scores he copied, particularly those of his father and of Rubén Fuentes. Many of his arrangements have been recorded with Mariachi Vargas and other groups. In fall of 2013 his “Entre la Tierra y el Cielo” was performed with Mariachi Vargas and symphony orchestra at Guadalajara’s Teatro Degollado. Pepe’s advice to those who want to learn this music is “Devote yourself body and soul to your music. No matter what group you play in, you need to study instrument and voice, acquire musicianship skills, and be current with the repertoire.”

Innovating and merging the beautiful sounds of Mexico and the United States, Vanessa Del Fierro is set to release her Mexican-American original debut album, “Pistolas y Leyendas – Guns and Legends” this Spring, 2015. Vanessa is the daughter of mexican hardworking parents who migrated to the U.S. from Matamoros,Tamaulipas, in search of better opportunities. Vanessa was born and raised in San Antonio,Texas, where she founded Las Coronelas, an eclectic All-Female Mariachi Band that tours and performs in the U.S. Vanessa was recently featured on Dusk Till Dawn The Series, with Robert Rodrigue’z Band Chingon. Her debut-solo project features melodies that pay tribute to the hard working campesinos and immigrants as to raise awareness in a fun, peaceful and light manner. Some of the other songs on the album speak of heartbreaking men, tequila, the mexican legend of La Llorona and even a Corrido she wrote for her brother Eric Del Fierro, now one of the top U.F.C. coaches in the world. The Album release shows are scheduled to be in Vanessa’s home town of San Antonio and in Austin,TX, where she currently resides. Mi Novio Pancho Villa, first single from the album, speaks of a man Vanessa falls in love with, who fights for the rights of immigrant laborers. Tour dates to be announced soon! Stay Tuned!

Mariachi Rosas Del Tepeyac is comprised of the most advanced and talented young ladies from Rhythmo Mariachi Academy.  This is an all female Mariachi under the direction of Maestro Gabriel B. Zavala.  Their name is in reference to the roses that Juan Diego picked as requested by our Lady Of Guadalupe.

Rhythmo Mariachi Kids and their iconic royal blue charro suits have seen 100’s of students come and go over the years.  It has always been the main focus of founder and director Gabriel B. Zavala, that these kids not necessarily become professional Mariachis (although dozens have) – but that they look back on their youth when they were able to put on the suit and feel a connection to our ethnic forefathers.  Viva El Mariachi!  – Viva Rhythmo Mariachi Kids – Viva Maestro Zavala

Ballet Folklorico Flor de Mayo (BFFM) Dance Company was founded in 1994 with its focus being on young children. As BFFM grew it began to focus on teenagers and young adults. Today our dance company is composed of those young children that are now teenagers or adult among others that have join our family throughout the years. BFFM’s goal is to educate the community at large through dance and music about the richness of Mexican folklore, tradition, and culture.  Over the years the company has developed its own unique style that is reflected in their costumes and choreographies. The director, choreographers and dancers collaborate in keeping the dances as traditional and pure as possible.

Mariachi Anacatlan De Gabriel Zavala

Mariachi Anacatlan gets its name from a mash-up of words  Ana for Anaheim, Ca for California, and Tlan for place.  Anacatlan means Anaheim,  Ca. Anacatlan was founded in 1993 by Maestro Gabriel B. Zavala.  Traditionaly Mariachi Anacatlan has always been comprised of former students of Rhythmo Mariachi Academy also founded by Maestro Gabriel Zavala and son Oliver Zavala.  Mariachi Anacatlan has received many awards throughout the years as well as  many accolades from Anaheim City officials. Mariachi Anacatlan has appeared on television commercials, news reels, and film.

Danny Muñoz previously known as “El Ausente” was born in San Miguel El Alto, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico; and from an early age he discovered his talent and attraction for music.

Since the beginning of his career, Danny Muñoz has shined like a star. This talented singer was selected by the acclaimed producer Emilio Estefan as one of the 20 finalists for the Telemundo reality show “Nuevas Voces de America” (an American Idol type competition). Recently, Danny Muñoz was the national winner of the “Musica del Futbol Mexicano” contest for the Mexican top-flight soccer league for transmission in the Univision network. He won this honor with his song “Corre No Te Detengas” (Run Don’t Stop) by singer/songwriter Vicky Cabrera. With his bilingual abilities Danny was selected for comedian George Lopez’s The Lopez Tonight Party Bus Tour as an emcee.

In 2012 Danny launched his national Anti-Drug Campaign, “Turn ON Music Turn OFF Drugs, targeting k-8 school kids. With the help of his sidekick “T.O.M.T.O.D.” Muñoz visits schools providing a mini concert and motivational speaking to the youth.

Throughout his career Danny has demonstrated the ability to sing various musical genres. His first album “Puro Corazon” has a mix of regional Mexican music with Mariachi being his forte. In 2014 Danny released “Only You” his first Country album

making his crossover debut to the English market. “Quiero” is Danny’s latest Spanish single in the Mariachi genre. Danny credits his musical ability to his grandfather who sang and played seven musical instruments. His grandfather planted the seed for Danny’s love of music.

Danny recognizes that he owes all his success to the support of his public and fans.

Arasely (SHELLY) Martinez

Periodista/Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Marketing/PR/Special Ed Instructor.

Nacida en Jalisco México, residente del condado de Orange.

Su pasión por el mundo de las artes y comunicaciones comenzó a una temprana edad.

Ha tenido la oportunidad de compartir el escenario con varios artistas durante su trayectoria como animadora.

Escritora para el periódico local OCExcelsior, versión español del OCRegister. Sus artículos y entrevistas han logrado estar en la portada más de una vez. Entrevistas con el fallecido Joan Sebastián, Alejandro Fernández, Manny Pacquiao entre muchas mas…

Relaciones Públicas, Social Media Marketing para negocios.

Escritora contribuyente para la revista Gen FACIO en in ingles.

Reportera independiente para; Canal de entretenimiento.

Social Media Influencer: Las redes sociales han formado parte de sus logros, al mantenerla conectada con el público. Asta el momento se ganado la admiración, cariño y apoyo de seguidores de habla hispana, y de todo el mundo.

Datos extras de su vida personal:

En su tiempo libre comparte con su familia y amistades.

Le fascina el cine/movies/música y comida y el aprendizaje de la capacidad del ser humano.

Arasely Martinez




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El Konejo will be co-hosting along with Arasely Martinez.  He hosts a local radio show and can be seen every Sunday at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace.